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I was contacted to do a lobby renovation of a 30-year-old building that had never been modified.

The client had already selected and purchased the porcelain tile that he loved for the project, as well as the lighting fixtures.

What he lacked was someone to execute the work itself. At CDarchdesign we have a team that covers all your needs, from styling and design consultancies to execution of works.

The change of flooring was something crucial within the remodeling project. For this space, the client chose a light gray rectified porcelain tile with veins a few shades darker to give it a bit of texture. This lighter floor reflects natural light and helps with the overall clarity of the lobby

We chose neutral colors for the walls, so that these are the same colors that are reflected when natural light enters.

In which lightning corresponds, it was decided to put warm light (4000k), which is the most recommended for residential projects since they give that mood of warmth.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀




Quito, EC


Jul 2020

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