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My Love for Minimalism

Updated: May 30, 2020

If you know me, you know I prefer Minimalism over everything.

Welcome to my blog. I never consider myself a writer, therefore I never imagine myself creating a blog. I primarily use this website for professional use, as I showcase work and CV; but I don't know where the idea of writing things I like in a blog came from, but here I am, and if you clicked, therefore here you are too and I really hope you like it.

Comparing it to the Sky, or Heaven.

When I think about minimalism, the first thing that comes to my mind is light. A clean space full of pureness. Just thinking about it literally makes me smile. So with that said, I like to compare it with the sky. Do you see the resemblance? When I look into the sky, weather im walking and wondering, or even on an airplane, Im amazed by the two colours I see, white and blue (of course at daylight) the idea that something so simple can be so eye pleasing and perfect shocks me. 

And when I say I compare it with heaven, im not saying I've been, but rather think and hope that it would be like that, pure forms and colours, and of course full of light. 

But don't get me wrong, im not saying i don't like other styles of design, i do, its just that my all time favourite is M I N I M A L I S M.

It inspires Me.

Weather im browsing online, or walking cities, grocery shopping, im always on search for great minimalist design. I love simple forms in every form of design, some people see it as un-done, un-finished or just super simple. I get it, we all have different likes in everything, but for me, I admire that something so simple (to the eye) can be so perfectly done and so perfectly thought that it doesn't need something else on it to make it beautiful. Every piece of the composition has a perfectly though out reason to be there and as nothing added to opaque an object, for example a piece of furniture such as a sofa in a living room, as it has nothing ornamental on it or in its surroundings, you can appreciate the design of it as it is, a great piece of furniture delivering its purpose and as adding nothing to it, you give the sofa a title of protagonist.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci

One of my masters teacher, a minimalist himself, told me once when I asked him if something was missing in my project to convince me a 100 percent: "its not whats missing, you have to ask yourself whats extra there to remove". These phrase remained with me since. When im designing for me, the way i like, im always thinking what he told me, "don't put a painting on the wall just to put it", and that for me is the beauty of Minimalism, that its not simple, everything has to be perfectly thought not to be "simple" but to be GOOD.

Get Inspired

So don't be afraid to leave a white wall "empty", because is not. Try to find the beauty in the pureness that this white wall gives, and feel it, stare at it, because it was designed to be empty, and I hope you find the beauty of it as I sure do!

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