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The objective of the "SIGNATURE: SEVEN FIRMS, SEVEN PROTAGONISTS" is to recognize and reward the creativity of professionals in architecture and interior design in Ecuador and display their designs in the main premises of Graiman. The new line of 32x32 cm porcelain tiles "Ambrosía by Living" by Graiman, bring a "Retro" inspiration. For this reason, I use lamps and mirrors of old style and colors to complement the look. The porcelains I use are Palm Beach, which I use as a frame both on the floor and on the vertical wall. Inside the frame I use the title "Antique White" and the wall "Abers" that together with the aforementioned frame create a Morrocan Vibe, which inspired me to put tropical plants and earth colored accessories to finish the composition.


Interior Design


Quito, Ecuador


May 2019


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