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My client lived in the same apartment for almost 40 years and he decided it was finally time to move to another building. This property came with a terrace which he didn't had before.

The first thing we did was change the metal handrail from the old building for a tempered glass one, which gave us a more modern and timeless look.

As he did not have any outdoor space in his previous apartment, I hade to design and develop the exterior furniture for his new terrace. The first piece designed was an L-shaped sofa made of recycled and waterproof wood with a flexible table, which serves as a seating area or as a table depending on the placing of this element.

The terrace also has a dining table for 4 people to enjoy appetizers in the outdoors.

The dining space is covered by a retractile parasol for use when needed.


As for the styling itself, I chose white and cream tones thought the design, finishing it with 3 lovely costume made giant plant pots giving the space an elegant and classy touch. 


Renovation &

Interior Design


Quito, EC


Jul 2020

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