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The construction company Bretton Home has an ongoing project called YUGEN Residential Houses, a set of 5 independent houses (not attached) with 3 different designs. The project was in the preliminary phase, counting only on the distribution of the houses and their facades. I did both the interior architecture and the interior design of the 3 houses (2 are repeated giving a total of 5). As far as interior architecture is concerned, I base myself on an open social plan, where all the social areas of the house (living room, dining room and kitchen) interact with each other and on the back or second floors the rooms and TV rooms. The model interior design that we created were 3, minimalist for house 1 and 2, contemporary for house 3 and 4 and brutalist for house 5. For the social area I make the complete design, based on the tones chosen for the project, give I pass to a water mirror with a Jacuzzi inside, a deck of gazebos with a pergola room in front and a fireplace room.


Interior Design

Interior Architecture


Tumbaco, Ecuador


November 2019



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