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Updated: May 31, 2020

While in your phone, spend some time in something other than insta

Welcome to my blog. I never consider myself a writer, therefore I never imagine myself creating a blog. I primarily use this website for professional use, as I showcase work and CV; but I don't know where the idea of writing things I like in a blog came from, but here I am, and if you clicked, therefore here you are too and I really hope you like it.

Design Home.

This app is actually a game. With daily different challenges to win in-game money to buy furniture and accessories. With a pre-established room, your challenge is to choose the right furniture to create the desired mood described as entering the selected area to decor. The interior compositions you create, are compared with someone else's design and voted by other players. Rated from 1 to 5 stars, you advance in levels by wining challenges and free furniture pieces are given to use in next designs. What is really cool about this game is that it actually uses famous brand furniture and accessories with the exact same dimensions, color palette and looks. With brands like CFC, Modloft, Kathy Kuo, and many others, you can explore a world of design pieces not just in the game, but it also provides the link of the real-world piece so you can explore it further. 


This is another game app. Similar to design home as you enter challenges with a certain description to pursue the “clients requirements and desires” and get voted by other players to be given a score; this game doesn’t give you a determined room to furnish and accessorize, they already do that for you. Giving an already furnished and accessorized room, but all in white so you can be more versatile by choosing colors and textures for everything from floor to ceiling, furniture and pillows, accessories and tables, basically is an already furnished blank slate for you to create. You will definitely enjoy playing this game.


Rather than a game this is an interactive app that allows you to create and compose an interior design using real items of real design brands. You just have to choose a background and start adding the pieces for your ideal composition. The coolest thing I found in this app is that you can choose any picture for the background, for example, if im moving into a new apartment that its empty and I want to furnish it, I just have to take a picture of the space i want to design, use it as background and start designing! Isn't that AMAZING? I find it super useful for users that cannot afford an interior designer that does the 3D rendering of how your space is going to look like, as you can do it yourself. Also working with famous furniture brands like BoConcept, Kartell, Capellini, etc, I also use this app sometimes just to browse the infinite product list of the various brands all in one place, so it saves me some time as I don't have to open a new tab for every brand product i want to look at. You can change wall colours, materials, flooring, scale the object to fit your background and many other things. All this is saved in your public profile so you can look the amazing designs of other people as well and also comment and like them.


When Im looking for inspiration, rather than using Pinterest,I use Houzz. I started using this app loooong time ago when it was a platform with millions of interior design photos and with little price tags in some items of the picture that displayed information about the piece like brand, name and price. You just used the predefined menu to search for an specific area you wanted to see like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc, and some other extras as budget, square meters, style, etc to make your choices of inspiration exactly what you are looking for. You can also search for millions of products all in the same page and that's really helpful. Nowadays it has some new features, like "search for a professional" that  helps you find an architect, interior designer, carpenter, and many others, all near your location. With in-site reviews and personal information, this is a new way to find professionals in a more efficient way.

Get Inspired

There are many other apps for architecture and design, if you haven't heard of them now you know and give them a try, if you downloaded them and like them tell me about it by commenting in the post and also if you have an app recommendation. This three are my favourite and for me, the most helpful and fun, all of them different in their own way but all of them carrying the things I need in a daily basis.

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