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Nature + Design

Updated: May 30, 2020

Heracleum by Bertjan Pot.

Welcome to my blog. I never consider myself a writer, therefore I never imagine myself creating a blog. I primarily use this website for professional use, as I showcase work and CV; but I don't know where the idea of writing things I like in a blog came from, but here I am, and if you clicked, therefore here you are too and I really hope you like it.

Named after a Flower

The Heracleum, a plant native from Europe and Asia. An umbrella like plant with pinkish or white small flower resemble this lamp. 

By far this is one of my favourite lamps since it hit the market in 2010. Eight years have pass and its still an awesome piece of design. This led lamp is powered though a system called Electrosandwich created my Marcel Wanders, in which "You have these little lights, but each of them is very sharp. If you want enough light in an LED lamp you have to put them together and if you have a lot it will blind you completely. One of the solutions is to put these little lights further away from each other."

Bertjan used this technology to create the piece inspired from the Heracleum flower; coming in two colours, nickel and copper. A dimmable lamp to create many sparkly moods, and the leaves are 360 rotation to set it as your wish.

Its not just a great piece of design, it is as well a great piece of technology. With three different setting you can choose, the "Heracleum Small II" which seems like a single stem with its flowers, the "Heracleum Endless" wich is a straight long piece to set it infinitely one besides the other to create an infinite long pieceand last but not least the "Heracleum Small Big O" and the "Heracleum The Big O" that comes in a circle form.

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Get Inspired

There are thousand of design pieces inspired by nature, why? because its structure is perfect, take for example a beehive or a tree, begin to study it, and you will find that the way nature works its amazing and it help us architects and designers to understand its structures and how to adapt it into projects. So go outside and explore some more!  

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