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I Don't Follow Trends, BUT.

Updated: May 30, 2020

Color Block.

Welcome to my blog. I never consider myself a writer, therefore I never imagine myself creating a blog. I primarily use this website for professional use, as I showcase my work and CV; but I don't know where the idea of writing things I like in a blog came from, but here I am, and if you clicked, therefore here you are too and I really hope you like it.

Do I usually follow trends?


Having a very strong and defined creative style I usually don't follow trends because they are meant to die anyways. But when there is something I really like, of course I am going to use it, for sure. Take for example this past 2019 the trend of Color Block came in strongly not only in fashion (which I personally don't love) but also in Design (which I love).

What is Color Block?

The Trend used in everything that involves design (fashion, interior design, architecture, graphic, etc) is based in using one or more solid colors to create a striking visual effect. Whether it is within its same color scheme or just an opposite color, the outcome will definitely be amazing. It also involves shapes to give protagonism to an area or space. The cool part of this trend is that is not just limited to painting walls, you can expand your limits, painting ceilings, furniture, fake plants, ANYTHING!

The one Color Block trend which I'm obsessed with is the one that uses only one color throughout the whole space. One color? YES, ONE COLOR.

Maybe i lean toward this kind of Color Blocking because as a minimalist lover, white color prevails through almost everything, so choosing only one color (that is not white) within every piece of design element, doesn't bother me. Actually I love it.

I would probably not use this trend for a residential project in such a bold move of painting all one color but in a more measured and specific area to highlight; I see this kind of trends as more of a Retail, Work-space thing. Regarding color psychology you can use color block with colors like red or yellow for example in a restaurant so people get hungry and happy, or a more relaxing color like pastel green in a meeting room so the people would be more relaxed, a bright or neon yellow in a gym to get people pumped, the options are LIMITLESS with color blocking.

Get Inspired

There are millions of trends online, globally, locally. As I previously stated, I don't usually follow trends, but when the is one you like you should explore it deeper. As designers we need (and must) stay constantly updated with trends that come and go, I really hope this one came here to stay, but we shall see... Are you following any trends? :)

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