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Architecture on Netflix

Updated: May 30, 2020

You should watch it even if you aren't an Architect!

Welcome to my blog. I never consider myself a writer, therefore I never imagine myself creating a blog. I primarily use this website for professional use, as I showcase work and CV; but I don't know where the idea of writing things I like in a blog came from, but here I am, and if you clicked, therefore here you are too and I really hope you like it.

The World´s Most Extraordinary Homes.

That's the title of the not so new (2017) TV show on netflix about, guess what, the world's most extraordinary homes. The show starring an award winning architect Piers Taylor and pal Caroline Quentin who is an actress and design lover, join together forces to travel around the world in search of the most eccentric and interesting pieces of architecture. The first season takes place in cities like New Zeland, Arizona, Salobreña and Amsterdam. Second season including countries like Portugal, Japan, Israel and India.

This type of show its meant for every viewer, not just for architects and designers, its for everyone! A fusion between an architect explaining all the structure and special features of the building by sketching live simple plans in his sketchbook to explain the building in an easier way; and a regular woman just in love with design, enjoying the comfort and experiences that each places gives.

Not all about Luxury.

When we think about "Extraordinary Homes" we immediately think about big expensive mansions, but no, the nice thing about this show is that it showcases a mix of everything. Starting of course with culture itself, as traveling around the world architecture changes as well. A mix of extreme weather condition houses and how they adapt to each climate, impossible terrains in which a houses have to be built, sustainable houses minimising nature's impact, community houses gathering entire villages in the same place, enormous houses with two pools (because why have one when you can have two), etc.

Black Mirror.

You probably heard of this one. The Sci-Fi netflix series created by British Charlie Brooker, show us how technology is such a great part of our lives and how it affects it, even showing worst case scenario. You're now thinking how is this connected with architecture and design, so enough with the spoilers, and lets get in how this series shows awesome pieces of architecture and design with even some great futuristic views. First season, second chapter "15 Million Views" shows a futuristic high density housing, super technologic and small four wall bedrooms filled with screens publishing videos and ads. Third chapter "The Entire History of You", shows amazing architecture in the houses the protagonists move around the episode. Moving forward to another episode, "White Christmas" a Christmas special in which was filmed in a all white minimalistic technologic house in which almost everything is automated. Third season episode one "Nosedive", shows some minimalistic pastel coloured neighbourhoods. Fourth season episode four "Crocodile" which involves an architect, living in an amazing Scandinavian house surrounded by snow.

Shows some great design.

It really shows all throughout the 4 seasons some great pieces of design in not only just architecture and interior design, shows also some technological pieces approaching future technology that you will most certainly enjoy!

Tiny House Nation.

The new trend, tiny houses, mini living. As they say in the show, bigger isnt always better. The new concept of mini living totally transforms our way of viewing a house or a home. There are multiple personalized tiny homes that can be even transportable! So its like a camper but not like a bus, more like a mini house that you attach to your vehicle. They are super personalized to your needs and also it really looks like a house, that is why it differs so much from a camper, i guess...

There is a reason behind the decision.

What i really enjoy about this show is the reason of the families or people that move into a tiny house, because many of us would think, i will never live in a reduced space! but when you hear the stories of people and why they made that change, it will suprise you.

Of course there are many more, but i chose some to highlight and if you search f

Get Inspired

Watch it you won't regret it, you will learn so many amazing things on how architecture & design makes part of your daily basis, and how this places make your days more significant.

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